Wednesday Wiseness: What would YOU do?

What would the dolphins do?

If the eagles invaded their waters

And flew in with fire-powered wings

Would the dolphin tails transform into swords,

Pierce the winged invaders and rejoice over a sip of blood?

Or would they submit to deadly waters frightful of the slightest ripple?

Or swim to safer shores leaving a red ocean behind?

What would the rabbits do?

If the scorpions marched from their parched abodes

Into the rabbits’ humble holes

Clawing at their hearts, clambering to conquer

Would the rabbits use poison infested insects to disarm the enemy?

Or would they lick away the agony, making way for more?

Or hop to greener pastures?

What would the chimpanzees do?

If the crocodiles shredded the trees with their spiked tails

Would the chimpanzees maul the reptiles with thorn-clad fists?

Or would they die a million deaths before leaving their home?

Or tread to other forests where the leaves don’t bleed and the trees don’t cry?

What would you do?

If they flew in from the skies, swam through the seas, crawled through the grounds

And took your land, attacked your homes, slit your throats, and pierced your souls?

Would you skin them alive or burn them at the vengeful altar?

Or would you play tag with the oppressors and play hide ‘n seek with death?

Or numb your pain with feelings of escape, dreams of newer lands?

What would you do?

What would you do?

What would you do?


* dedicated to people all over the world who are fighting for their land*




29 thoughts on “Wednesday Wiseness: What would YOU do?

      1. You’re a writer so you were able to pen it beautifully. I had a little argument about the gaza situation with an american acquaintance yesterday and I was outraged when he suggested Palestinians leave the land as he mentioned “middle east is so big” — ie big enough to house the entire people of the land and my “what would you do” for him was literally if he would leave NY if Al Qaeda declared tomorrow they have a God given right on the city and are moving in. You should have written the piece yesterday. Then I could have just plagiarized it shamelessly during my argument 😉

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      2. haha. Go ahead plagiarize it next time you meet him. Ask him what he would do? That should set things into perspective for him. Easy for them to say haan!?


      1. I don’t know about that. I thought I had the world and my place in it figured out when I was not a mother. But I feel totally confused about what I would do in several situations being a mother – my responsibility towards my young ones to protect them from all harm at any cost or finding the delicate balance between the cost to them and the one to the greater community. It is like if you were asked to testify against a drug dealer to get him off the streets. Do you go to the court if you knew your kids’ lives were in danger because of your testimony? I think one must nevertheless. What would I do if I was in Gaza? Personally I would try to leave with my kids but I definitely salute the courage of many people there who refuse to leave their homeland when they are threatened with bombs or guns all in an effort to teach their kids how to stand for their rights no matter how despair the outlook – like the family in this article –


  1. Masterpiece piece of literature fully soaked in the human feelings with a touch of of our present scenario giving a true reflection the human tragedy that our IDPs are facing today.
    JEETEE RAHO BETAY. I am as proud of you as your father would be. God Bless you


  2. Very interesting, thought provoking post. It applies to so many situations in our world, our lives. Your choice of words for the imagery was so strong. Well written words.


  3. Never could imagine your extraordinary perception. This is amazing and like they mostly say, makes proud, a few inches taller and truly bloated. What would I do?? Numb my senses, hide for as long as possible and ultimately wither away. Better still try to make peace by offering my soul and whatever else to the invader – to be left alone. Frankly if I were not in the wrong place at the wrong time, I would try to ignore; that my dear is how the world works. Frankly I have NO idea what I would do. You take a guess!!!


    1. You know, I put up this question to everyone, but never thought about what I’d do. I think I’d fight. Or maybe the fear of losing family would make me numb. Anything to survive I suppose. I salute those who fight without fear. They are the real heroes.

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  4. Reblogged this on on the road to inkrichment and commented:

    I write this all shook up. I am reblogging a poem I wrote in July for the people suffering In Gaza and elsewhere at the hands of war. And at the end, I asked people what they would do if they had to go through a similar situation. When those children were killed in Peshawar, 10 days ago on the 16th of December, I came back to these words. I wish I had not asked this question. As if keeping such thoughts at bay somehow stops them from coming to life. Because war did come to us. Before that it was either someone else’s war, or it was hidden beneath denial or ignorance. They attacked our souls. I can’t help but ask again:

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  5. The horrors of humans beings who have such an evil spirit;
    who are determined to annihilate anyone who is different
    brings shame to the whole human race.
    What must God in Heaven be thinking about those he made
    in His image;
    How long will his hand be restrained…


    1. It’s really not about His restrained hands, it’s about our restrained and blocked hearts. He only ensures they remain shut and locked tight, because He doesn’t see anyone willing to change.


  6. Dear nida
    I came across your blog one day and I just kept going through your posts .you write so beautifully and your writing so touches the heart 🙂 .I am very impressed by your writing style .I started a blog too but am not that active ( am not that good a writer at all) but your writing is inspiring me to write something 🙂 .This poem of yours has totally surpassed anything I have read on this subject .its so so well written and so thought provoking that I am at a loss of words .After reading this all I can say is that you can surely write a best seller one day 🙂 .will be commenting on your other posts too .all the best to you and keep on writing 🙂 .tc


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