Who am I?


The Writer:

Yes, so this is why you’re probably here.

Or unless you want to know what I cooked for dinner yesterday. I can write about that for you. I’m good that way.

Hint: Check my Writing Services as a Freelance Writer and Blogger, where I’ll engross you with my tons of skills and abilities (ahem, modesty is overrated in the writing world, or so they tell me).

Once upon a time, I turned 30. Moved to Canada and had my calling.

I went to sleep one night and woke up thinking about “inkriched.”


My bee and honey obsession for words hit the horses-eye (not a bull person, sorry). I took a chance at the slot machine. All the stars finally lined up.

Write. Write. Write. I had hit the jackpot.

I’m still drowning in my riches as we speak. Not convinced? Head on over to my blog.

The Mother:

Mother to three children who keep it real for me.

Real love. Real joy. Real blessings. Real Hope.

Real everything, as far as they are concerned.

The Wife:

My anchor.

My meeting-spot, you know when you get lost and decide a safe place to find each other. That’s what he is. He knows how to find me. He can bring me back.

He still puts me at a loss for words (another reason why I took to paper).  He makes life meaningful. And a lot of fun.

The Daughter:

You know the mushy cliche’s about parents that we see on social media? Every one of them fits.

My future, hopefully-not-imaginary novel, will be dedicated to them.

The part of my heart that is soft and kind. It’s because of them.

I pray for them. The most. Always. Forever.

The Sister:

Never have been the wise, dumbledore-ish Sister (not referring to his luscious beard). But he has always been the awesome brother.

Right down to him spying on my diary and acing annoying-lil-brother 101.

Right down to him being the humble, simple and honourable man he is now.

The Other Stuff that’s also Me:

  • Friends are my vitamins. ‘Life-without-them-incomplete-useless-painful’ important. You know who you are. If we live that long, I have an around-the-world adventure planned out. So stick around.
  • Family is important.Close. Distant. Other-worldly. I am honoured to be a part of their lives.
  • Wheel of Fortune (plan to show up in front of that famous wheel some day)
  • Softball. Playing again after almost two decades. Sigh (with pleasure)
  • Drool over Heart-jolting-out-of-its-cagey-home kind of stuff. Mush-Factor all the way.
  • Sympathetic. Here,a pat on your back if you’ve read up till here

I have to go now.

But you don’t. Let’s talk and see what I can dig up for your from my writing hat.