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On manmade standards and true measure of a person…

I wrote these words a few years ago. Now I know what they truly mean. Allah is THE GREATEST. The only one worthy of creating standards for us.


I always thought life was about living. But its not.It’s about almost getting there. It’s never about contentment with one’s self at that exact moment. It’s about coming up to some particular standard set by other people and thinking to yourself, ‘Now, I think I will be happy!’ But that’s the thing, that moment never comes. Those imposed criteria are like mirages; they disappear right when you think you have it all figured out.

Standards. The minute you are born, an invisible yardstick miraculously appears like one of the ordained angels on our shoulders, following us around everywhere we go. After a painful labor the exhausted mother sighs with relief as the doctor confirms the baby is normal and healthy. Check or Cross – depending on what your expectation is. Of course in this case, a normal healthy baby should be the final check. But it’s not. What comes next…

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Reassessing what it means to be a Pakistani Muslim Immigrant in Canada

Originally published on The Express Tribune Blogs While I sip tea and watch my children play around in our almost four-year-old home in Canada, I can’t help but reassess what it means to be me, as 2016 comes to an end – a Pakistani Muslim immigrant in Canada. I can’t help but feel this warmth … Continue reading Reassessing what it means to be a Pakistani Muslim Immigrant in Canada

Short story: Lappitop

Rich. That's what they are. Terribly, horribly stuffed with things they don't need. Like my grandmother's brother's plastic bag suffocating with free rice every Friday outside the mosque in Malpur, my village. My dado always spoke about luscious green giants of the Marghala Hills that protected our homes from the Djinns. I remember thinking about … Continue reading Short story: Lappitop

Take the step

Whatever it takes, Take the step.  Whatever it takes to start fresh, Whether to dig up pieces from ancient ruins, or to bury lost maps. Take the step. Whatever it takes to look in the mirror, Whether to sew yourself back together, or learn to live with a millions pieces. Take the step. Whatever it … Continue reading Take the step