Wednesday Wiseness: What would YOU do?

What would the dolphins do?

If the eagles invaded their waters

And flew in with fire-powered wings

Would the dolphin tails transform into swords,

Pierce the winged invaders and rejoice over a sip of blood?

Or would they submit to deadly waters frightful of the slightest ripple?

Or swim to safer shores leaving a red ocean behind?

What would the rabbits do?

If the scorpions marched from their parched abodes

Into the rabbits’ humble holes

Clawing at their hearts, clambering to conquer

Would the rabbits use poison infested insects to disarm the enemy?

Or would they lick away the agony, making way for more?

Or hop to greener pastures?

What would the chimpanzees do?

If the crocodiles shredded the trees with their spiked tails

Would the chimpanzees maul the reptiles with thorn-clad fists?

Or would they die a million deaths before leaving their home?

Or tread to other forests where the leaves don’t bleed and the trees don’t cry?

What would you do?

If they flew in from the skies, swam through the seas, crawled through the grounds

And took your land, attacked your homes, slit your throats, and pierced your souls?

Would you skin them alive or burn them at the vengeful altar?

Or would you play tag with the oppressors and play hide ‘n seek with death?

Or numb your pain with feelings of escape, dreams of newer lands?

What would you do?

What would you do?

What would you do?


* dedicated to people all over the world who are fighting for their land*