Wednesday Wiseness – Therapeutic conversations

Sometimes it is therapeutic to talk to a complete stranger about anything. For example: Your thriving business of six beauty parlors, your new Mercedes, weaning a baby and why you luckily did not abort your youngest child.

Unless of course you are the stranger, who in this particular conversation happened to be me.

*Nida S.*


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wiseness – Therapeutic conversations

  1. I remember when I was young I kind of enjoyed those random bus conversations; now I just feel burdened by them. I don’t have a license to practice medicine in the field of mental health.


    1. I know what you mean. I always thought I was an awesome listener. And I usually am, but sometimes you just have too much on your mind. Though I look at such people with awe, who can speak their heart out to anyone they come across. The truly happy-go-lucky ducks I suppose.


      1. Suggest professional therapy. 😉 I just saw Woody Allen’s new movie (Blue Jasmine) and it actually starts OUT with an endless conversation on a plane that the protagonista inflicts on the woman sitting next to her. It’s really funny/sad.


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