Why Green? Why White?

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Green and White; On the face of it, are the colors in my country Pakistan’s flag. Deep down, they depict an entire thought process I intend to explore in my blog’s section: Green and White pages.

This is a feeble attempt to celebrate life. To explain it as I see it; to connect the dots, one speck at a time. Because no matter how fancy the words, or how much wisdom you have stashed away, life just cannot be summed up so simply. This is my way of making sense out  of all that goes around in this crazy remarkable world of ours.

Green is for hope. White is for perseverance.

This is a humble attempt to unravel people and their intriguing stories. What makes them tick. What makes them tock. They all have their stories. They all have something to share. Maybe this time, my words will hear what they have to say.

Green is for hope. White is for perseverance.

Turning 30 in a foreign land is nothing special.  But knowing that a long stretch of birthdays, possibly for the rest of my life, are now going to be spent away from home is a startling realization. Coming from a country that has seen the darkest of days, I am amazed each day at how its people continue to stand with their heads held high; how their determination results in weak yet hopeful smiles, simply because they know no other way. Maybe some day,  I will be able to decipher this complex relation I share with my country and my people, and lay it out for all to see. And most importantly, for me to see.

Green is for hope. White is for perseverance.

Don’t forget to check out the Green and White pages 🙂


18 thoughts on “Why Green? Why White?

    1. Especially Loved the last bit — “But there is no stumbling block that cannot transform into a stepping stone.” Be its our 30s or our 40s….it’s all just a big bubble of experience that we need to live and learn from; but never regret; because it was really how it was supposed to be:)


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