Wednesday Wiseness

Oh look it’s Wise-day!!!

I have a thing against Wednesdays. Every since I was a child, I dreaded them. There were only a few random incidents I think; my grandfather’s death,some atrocious days at school or whatever. But it stuck to my brain.

So I am officially debunking this myth or superstition or anything you want to call it. I will jot down a few random thoughts every Wednesday and make them look like some fancy quote. Hey, who said quotes are only for famous people!? But yes, once in a while, I will also post some remarkable words of some truly wise people. Famous as well as the not-so known. It could my neighbor; it could be your neighbor; it could even be the sweet old lady who directs traffic during school hours.

Here is an attempt to look forward to the remaining Wednesdays in my life:)



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wiseness

Any inkriching words for me:)?

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