Did we change this year?

Swinging into 2021 with bated breath. ..NOT!

A new year doesn’t guarantee anything. It owes us nothing. To base all hopes of change on a simple flip of a calendar page is pointless. I’ve had my share of new year resolutions to know they work just as much as every coming Monday where we vow to join the gym.

As I look back, any significant and rare change that I can acknowledge in my life has been sudden. At an ill-timed, unplanned moment with no grand accolades attached. At times it was a realization that simmered and boiled till it spilled into action. Other times it was completely unexpected.

So while this new year mantra works for many, I still think it’s overrated. I have yet to see a January First that lives up to our expectations. Personal transformation is slow, often-subtle and nothing like we’ve experienced before.

It is also important to realize that everything has a designated time attached to it by God. Did HE plan for significant change to happen only on the brink of a new year? Lasting change looses its merit once associated with a simple date change. It’s a more intrusive process. And then comes the monster we call consistency. For change to matter, it needs to be an ongoing process.

The World at large turned upside down and transformed with the pandemic. All the losses and gains accumulated this year need to be dissected. For some there was irreplaceable damage. For others it was a monotone of surrealism. Extremes of unimaginable dimensions ripped through seams of normalcy. Either way it all deserves to be torn apart for answers.

It is worth asking ourselves, did we change? A whole lot? A little bit. At all?

And if not, what are we waiting for? The New Year?

Any inkriching words for me:)?

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