Wednesday Wiseness: In an ideal world…

image credits: sam-images, edited by

image credits: sam-images, edited by

In an ideal world,

Trees would tap dance on the mountains,

begging the Creator to never stop the fountains.

The Sun would weep a river of yolk,

after a day’s treachery of tiny folk.

In an ideal world,

Death would come back to life,

after sipping tea with an end so rife,

Blood would pay,

and money would snooze on idle hay.

In an ideal world,

Colors would matter only when in a rainbow,

and not when on skin, flag or spiritual glow.

Angels would hear our voices,

but silence, most favoured  among the choices.

In an ideal world,

Thoughts would echo from the brain,

and make castles of fire in the rain.

Walking backwards never cause for a frown,

anything up, would never come down.

In an ideal world,

Unicorns would come over for dinner,

where you’d share a plate of lily liver.

Nothing would be crazy,

Except lies, hypocrisy and a bum so lazy.

In an ideal world,

Children would never cry,

Sparrows would never die.

Spring would follow spring,

Love is all that you’d need to bring.

In an ideal world.

My ideal world.

*** That’s my ideal world. What’s yours?



  1. Andy Lewis · November 27, 2014

    I really like the “Colors …” verse.


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