Green is my color, but today I bathed in red

Green is my color but today I bathed in red. Again. I thought I could get used to the blood, but can life live with death?

Green gives me hope, but today you stole it. Again. I drowned as innocent blood filled my veins.

Green gives me courage, but today you brought me to my knees. Not because I feared you, but because of my helplessness.

Green gives me peace, but today it shattered like glass, as little pieces of chaos cut through my flesh.

Green gives me faith, and even today I hold on tight.

I look ahead, beyond the lifeless bodies and the tormented cries.

I look above, through the burdening puffs of misery darkening my skies.

I have faith. And you can never steal it from me. Never.

This is dedicated to my beloved country Pakistan and to the people who died today at the Wahga Border suicide attack in Lahore. I couldn’t come up with much except desperate tears and an emotional rant.

Green and  White are the colors of my flag. Green is for Hope and White is for perseverance. Even though she bleeds now, green will bring back hope. It always does. That is something the attackers will never understand. Kill us again and again, but we will come back stronger. No matter how bloody a canvas your vicious ploys may paint, we will rise. Again and always.


National Blog Posting Month - November 2014

I am participating in the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) – November 2014. This is an awesome venture of In their own words:

“Every November, thousands of bloggers commit to posting daily. But it’s about much more than getting that post up—it’s about community and connection. It’s also about honing your craft, challenging yourself, and taking your blog to the next level.”

I will write every day of November. This is my second post.

#NaBloPoMo – Day 2




  1. mihrank · November 3, 2014

    wow – great post and image!


  2. A writer from the East · November 3, 2014

    Heart breaking incident. And yes Nida, we need to remember that:
    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.
    I will rise again, says Pakistan.


  3. Sahara · November 3, 2014

    This is beautifully written. Pakistan is normally not something that is too close to me, certainly not like for you, and sharing this poem allows me to feel closer to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yawar · November 5, 2014

    Well said Nida…continue writing with the passion you are showing.Never mind the critics and detractors.

    The enemies of Pakistan believe that they have put the country in a dark tunnel and every time they shed blood of the innocent they think the country will fall deeper into a sort of black hole but they forget the following truths:

    There is always a very bright light at the end of every dark tunnel
    The skies emerge much brighter after a storm
    Nights may be very long but these are always followed by daylight

    But we need writers like you, who write from the heart, to keep the light of hope burning in everyone’s heart

    So keep writing in your own style and keep the flame of hope burning


    Liked by 1 person

    • Nida S. · November 5, 2014

      I was just questioning my inclination to be overtly and recklessly hopeful. You just showed me I’m not all that wrong. I will continue writing for my country because if not hope, then what else? Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


  5. Hammad · November 29, 2014

    Keep it uP (Y)


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