Wednesday Wiseness: Truth (never) be told…

Truth is like an aching tooth that never gets treated. It throbs and pains. Begs to be pulled out. But it stays put until its decay overcomes all.

Words in our heads mean something. Scrambled like ancient code, betraying an infinite logic. Or dancing in harmony like fickle snowflakes in the wind. But when those words pour out, truth is never what it is. It’s in chains of evolution, and of devolution. It’s caged like a helpless animal, erasing its existence with every passerby’s transgression.

We simmer in hatred but we sprout out love. We boast of knowledge but we swim in an ocean of ignorance. We appreciate with our words, but our eyes show venom. We smile with our eyes, but cry with our hearts. We seek the truth, but dig graves of deceit. Life is like a court of law. Anything can be the truth if you can prove it. While the biggest facts of life are reduced to rubble, because no one believes your version of the story. Conspiracies thrive on the bloodline of falsified facts. No one can tell what is and isn’t. The more farfetched and ridiculous a notion is, the closer it hits home. The simple mantra of life and death obediently steps down from its throne of subservience. There is no room for the simple truths. Doors only open to knocks of the distorted, the gory and the abominable.

We all have our own truth. A truth that is another person’s lie. A fact that is another person’s fiction. The sun’s majestic embrace equals the moon’s nightly glow. All happens at the same time, behind a different curtain, amid another sky. The colors of the absolute fade in the encompassing relativity. Yet we find ourselves in a battleground each day. A war for the truth. A war against the truth. Murdering each other on the pretext of a feeble cause. Black vs. White. Good Vs. Bad. Wrong vs. Right. What’s not the truth? What’s not a lie?

Truth be told that truth can never be told.


  1. Claudette · October 3, 2014

    I don’t think it is that truth can’t be told, I think it is that each of us hear “truth” as something different/something relevant to us – which is where problems arise. Just my thoughts. 🙂

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    • Nida S. · October 3, 2014

      Valid point:)! I suppose that’s what I was implying when I mentioned absolute vs. relative. Thanks for your wonderful input.

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    • livelytwist · October 5, 2014

      Hi Claudette, I tend to agree. If we did not try to club each other to death with our version of the truth, perhaps we would have fewer problems? But in a society with different ‘truths’ the race for supremacy can be deadly!


      • Nida S. · October 5, 2014

        Your last sentence about the race of supremacy is spot on. This is a huge problem back home especially in terms of religion.


      • Claudette · October 6, 2014

        You are correct, livelytwist. We all want “our” truth to be the “universal” truth. Tolerance and understanding get lost in that.

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  2. Holistic Wayfarer · October 4, 2014

    Beautiful, Nida. Love the different curtain and sky.


  3. uju · October 6, 2014

    “….We all have our own truth. A truth that is another person’s lie. A fact that is another person’s fiction…”

    I read a question on a Nigerian forum, where someone wanted to know if it was ok for a christian to eat Ileya meat from the muslim festivity. What ensued turned into a religious war of sort. Muslims declaring Ishmael was the child to be sacrificed, Christians otherwise. Christians calling Jesus the divine messenger, Muslims otherwise.

    I had to wonder, what was the truth? Who knows? We all have our version of it and like you rightly said, one truth here could be a lie there. And so we spend our time fighting rather than finding the common ground. We all want to be heard. We want to matter. We want to live with our beliefs in peace..not with one sect rubbing off their doctrines. Our religions preach the same news: Good works and Love.
    Perhaps if we stopped fighting, we’d hear the sounds of our muffled cries and realize we each have the answers we seek.

    Have a blessed celebration, Nida.


    • Nida S. · October 6, 2014

      This was a beautiful comment, `Perhaps if we stopped fighting, we’d hear the sounds of our muffled cries and realize we each have the answers we seek. `

      God is in our hearts. In all our hearts, whether we are black or white or yellow or brown! It`s about a unique connection that we all share with him. And once you trespass in another person’s link and beliefs, all you get is cross-talk, confusion and frustration. Like you said, we all want to matter and if we understand that one bit, we’d all think twice before pointing fingers at the other person’s ultimate truth. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for wishing me on EID:)

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