Wednesday Wiseness: But don’t give me leftovers

Hand-me-down a tattered shirt, but don’t give me clothed ego

Hand-me-down a game of scrabble, but don’t give me a black vs. white checkers board

Hand-me-down a stuffed toy, but don’t give me frail humanity

Hand-me-down a soothing song, but don’t give me a tune gone wrong

Hand-me-down a cautious word, but don’t give me a fickle sigh

Hand-me-down a solemn tear, but don’t give me an envious smirk

Hand-me-down a dream, but don’t give me an unfinished memory

Hand-me-down a recipe for love, but don’t give me a leftover heart



Daily Post: Clothes and toys, recipes and jokes, advice and prejudice: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.


  1. Claudette · September 11, 2014

    I like your thoughts.


  2. ummezahra · September 11, 2014

    Wednesdays seem to bring some wiseness your way 🙂


    • Nida S. · September 11, 2014

      Wiseness or Weirdness. Either way;)


  3. alphabetstory · September 11, 2014

    Hand me down your thoughts, dear. They are welcome.


  4. fluttertouch · September 16, 2014

    Love this


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