Wednesday Wiseness: Three-in-one!

(conversation with my son- ‘R’ – This was originally in Urdu)

R: Mama, I want to be three things when I grow up!

Me: Really?

R: Yes, I want to be an architect, an astronaut and a police officer.

Me: Wow! And how will you be all three?

R: Oh I’ll just take the day off from one thing and go do the other.


My after thoughts: Anything is possible. For all I know, in the next twenty-five years, my son will inaugurate his newest space-scraper while he’s out exploring Mars. And in between, catch a few bad guys here and there using a futuristic predictive software (I am thinking a crazier version of ‘The Machine’ in the series Person of Interest.)


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Wiseness: Three-in-one!

  1. Wonderful support for your son. I have people that say we shouldn’t tell our children they can do anything. I tell those people that they only limit themselves and their children. Let them reach for the stars and fall, then pick them up and help them try again until they make it.

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  2. You can’t be anything if you don’t dream. I agree, nothing stops him from being all that he wants to be; rest is upto you; how you keep the support going. Atta boy!!!


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