Zero to Hero day 6 Challenge: Is your life really yours?

For day-six, the challenge was to write to a ‘dream reader’ and to bring in a new element of writing that hasn’t been tried before. I am writing a poem addressed to a large section of my country’s people who cannot break away from dated customs and beliefs, even if they want to.  People who spend their entire lives in fear of what other people will say if they speak the truth or live by their own will. These people might never read what I have to say, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. In many cases, I am also shamefully part of this culture.

Wrapped up in notions, ideas so unwarranted

Believing things made up long ago, by an old woman who never existed

Marrying off your children with borrowed money and tears

Now you can’t have a wedding without feeding fat rears

Giving dowry to your daughters, rich or poor

God forbid, wouldn’t want to upset the young boor

Afraid of breathing, terrified of being

“What will they say?”, a thought forever clinging

Stuffing money in greedy pockets, under the table,over your conscience

When will it all change, this hypocrisy, this pretense?

Daggers of judgment, piercing our souls

From the color of your skin, to what you throw in the bin

Is your life really yours?

Mocking stares line the maps of our roads

From choosing what to wear, to finding life partners

Is your life really yours?




  1. akhtarempyreans · April 21, 2014

    This post made me look at the mirror and ask myself the same question 🙂
    I took all steps against all typical and wrong rituals of our society and got rid of this feeling and started living a life which is my own which i chosed to live … and my life is truley the one i lived for others by following what mentioned in our religion 🙂 creating a balance, live for others and earn the life which will be yours forever 🙂 the life after 🙂
    Developing a courage to live life with some dignity as mentioned in our islamic society rituals focusing on living life for others unconditionally 🙂 will give us a life that we will live for ourselves 🙂


    • NS · April 22, 2014

      Good for you:)! Thanks for reading as always


  2. bik1012 · April 22, 2014

    No truly NS, the life we live is really not ours. But again that is what life is all about. Sacrificing your today for a happy and contended yet elusive tomorrow is the bane of our existence. Worrying and accumulating; chasing after shadows; running after mirages; is what we are condemned to. It is in our DNA and whatever good comes out as spin off should be appreciated. Our mortal existence is so fickle but yet so overwhelmingly absorbing. Happiness and misery journey together toward the ultimate mystery.
    Keep at it – very poignant


    • NS · April 22, 2014

      Beautifully put! And that’s why I love your writing:).


  3. luckymermaidx2 · April 28, 2014

    wow, love this….is my life ‘mine’? No. I made it that way. Referring to other people’s opinions, yes I know what you mean. I too have worried about people who I dont even know, and how they’d perceive me. On the most basic level, my life belongs to my kid (the one who is still at home, but the other could ask me for anything, too. I’d do it, if I could.) Belongs to the beings here I care for (shallow, yes, but these dogs, chickens, need food, water, proper care, love….and my parrot, who is a very important being to me) I like your stuff!


    • NS · April 28, 2014

      I guess when love and family are involved it’s a completely different ball game. Spot on lucky mermaid:)!


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