With or without limbs…

Irony is a funny thing. But at times it becomes very difficult to smile or appreciate this piercing humor. A raised eyebrow or complete bemusement at best, is what you should aim for. Some time last year, I remember passing by a kid without limbs, barely dragging himself on an unforgiving bumpy land in excruciating heat. This is not an uncommon site in Pakistan, so why would I remember him now? Four words to be exact. ‘My life – My rules’ is what was blatantly printed on his t-shirt. Who was to know?! This fleeting image would leave quite an impact.  Like all teenagers, I am sure he also had a streak of defiance in him. Yet perhaps unknowingly (sheepishly assuming his lack of the language-that-must-not-be-named), he was fighting with the world through these words, trying to get his voice across, trying to instill his existence amongst us able bodied, arrogant and shallow people.

So what are these rules any way? And does one really `own` life so to speak? From what I have seen around me,  we cannot be our own bosses, no matter what the circumstances may be. You are always accountable for your actions; answerable to someone or the other. 2103 Elections in Pakistan symbolized a rampant mantra for ‘Change’. This deep rooted belief beckoned the people of Pakistan to step out of the comfort of their homes, to emerge from drawing room skepticism and take matters into their own hands. Their life. Their rules. Oh Really…

On 11th of May 2013, people of Pakistan woke up,  like budding new leaves in spring, full of life and vigor. They had decided it was time to steer their own reigns. Through it took a darn long 65 years to understand that. I suppose there really is no telling when grey matter decides to loosen up.  Notwithstanding the chants of a fair election spree, fraud and sham emerged victorious. Strangely enough, this would not have been an unforeseen action in the old Pakistan. But in the new Pakistan, this is beyond tolerance. They will not be forced to quiet down now. They will not go without a fight. They will curse. They will cry. They will complain. But they will not stop, for Pakistanis are a resilient nation that knows no bounds. And the best part is, this is just the beginning.

As of now, they all appear to be grasping for even an inkling of triumphant air; like an enthusiastic kite flyer unwilling to let go of his kite even though its thread ruthlessly slashes through his skin ; like the kid who refuses to go by others’ rules – with or without limbs.

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  1. bik1012 · May 17, 2013

    Beautifully articulated


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