God’s perfection is enough

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Perfection is around us all.

In the lines, textures and crevices.

In the ripples, winds and shimmering particles.
In the fluffy skin of the creatures floating above,
In the slippery specks between our toes,
Perfection is everywhere, but not inside us, never within us.
But that’s all right. God’s perfection makes us bearable.
HIS perfection is enough.

What I saw this morning….

photo 1(5)maple tree

Daily Prompt challenge: List Lesson: Create a list of [Heartbreaking; beautiful; insert adjective here] things you saw on your way to work today.

In my case, this list is of the things I saw when I dropped off my son to school this morning

  1. The red maple tree in front of my home. Forever indebted to sunshine’s warm hands for bathing it each day. Such breathtaking shimmer bouncing off the leaves, as if a thousand fireflies exploded under the sun’s lustrous bomb, leaving behind a glittery debris tap-dancing to nature’s beats.
  2. A paved pathway for the movers and the shakers. The bigger tiles made for human feet, while the seemingly invisible, deep-set crevices acting as a safe abode for tiny insects running in crisscross; dodging unintentionally murderous feet.
  3. An army of dandelions invading a nearby garden; callously planning and manipulating the naive grass to surrender.
  4. An old lady seeking refuge in God’s silent creations – plants, that give everything and in return, ask for nothing except a tiny piece of her heart. The rhythmic clicking and hissing of her garden sprinkler like a whistling rattle snake, is all that she needs to drown out the outside world
  5. Elbows peeking shyly from passenger windows, like a bear trying to face the world after a deadly winter. The soothing breeze of a warm May morning salutes the people racing by in their cars.
  6. Small legs moving in tandem with large legs, bouncing backpacks strapped on little backs. Big people are trying to hide their worries behind hurried smiles as their little ones wave goodbye.


photo 2(5)