Zero to Hero – Day One : Introduce yourself

Zero to Hero – Day One : Introduce yourself

I am a writer, a wife, and a mother of two. Now regarding the ‘writer’ bit, I wasn’t bitten by a mutant alphabet that unleashed its crazy writing powers. I gave myself this title only a year back when I began my blog, the green and white pages on word press.  I am a writer not because I have a list of prize-winning publications under my name. Nor am I a writer because I earn wads of money and can go on exquisite vacations to chip off my writer’s block.

I am a writer, because that is something truly, most wonderfully my own. Every time I call myself a writer(mostly in my head and sometimes with reddened cheeks to other people too), I feel a surge of pride swell up and explode like juice spurting out from a plump orange. Every time I compose a crummy, pointless blog post, the exercise glues together the many loose bricks in my life. I revel in my second-not-so-secret identity so much that I sometimes have to pinch myself to get back into reality. A reality where I am an absolute nobody in the illustrious world of writers. A reality where there is a huge chance that my dream of writing and publishing my own book might not come true. A reality where despite it all, I have learned to be hopeful and to enjoy the writing process and the end product, in so many or little words.

I write and my little world lights up. I write because I think it is what I was meant to do all along. I write because the ten-year old girl, who, many years ago wrote personal diaries, essays and stories but somehow lost them all in the worldly noise, badly needed some direction. So I write because I feel I owe her an explanation. I write because I think I have something to say; mostly uninteresting, random things that make my blood bubble or freeze; depending on the intensity of the situation.

I am here in this 30-day challenge because I need discipline. My life revolves around my family and friends. But that is not a reason for not writing and throwing away my pencils, or in this case my iPhone and laptop. Simply put, I believe discipline and inspiration will get me from zero to sidekick, if not entirely hero. But I know that as long as I get to write often and plenty,  my written concoctions will always be my solace.

So I write because I need my words; like builders need their tools. Lots and lots of them.