My Obituary

 She hoped to be remembered for even a fleck of goodness present in her. And for none of the bad.

She had simple thoughts, complicated aims. She dreamed of being a better person; of doing the greater good. She didn’t think she got far.

She needed contentment, confidence, and freedom. She fought with herself for all those things. Some of the answers were in her head. Most were in her heart.

She had passion. She had a voice. It remained muffled in her early years. It took on wings as she grew older. She felt more alive  with every flutter, but at times, less content.

She loved. But she could have loved more. She cried. But she could have cried less. She laughed. But she could have laughed a lot more. She hoped. She hoped plenty.

She found God in the small things. That’s where HE smiled back. She had faith. A resolute star in her sky, that showed her she was getting there.

She lived a life of love. Noting more. Nothing less. And for that, she was forever grateful.


Writing my obituary  was Holistic Wayfarer’s idea. A fellow blogger, mentor and a mind-blowing, fantastic  writer!

Here’s the original idea.

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Thanks HW 🙂