Wednesday Wiseness: When Hope met Faith…

Hope was dying. Her bruise was soul-deep. An existence that was mutilated by an open-house of attackers. She was stabbed by hypocrites, kicked by liars, slapped by the wretched.  Her life begged for release.  One drop of blood after another, she lost herself. How can you fix a soul when there’s no blood left?

And then Faith came along. Like a tickling breeze of reassurance. Like a cold sip of water on a scorching day. Like the embrace of a loved one. Like the welcoming ear of a stranger.  Like a shy beam of sunlight, peaking through sinister clouds. Like an unseen hand nudging towards the right path.

Hope opened her eyes again.  A flame of  promise shone through the ashes. An ocean of gloom surrendered. She took her first step. Then there was light. Glistening like a million fairies dancing beneath the moonlit skies.